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May. 30th, 2007 @ 06:00 pm Relationship/Sex Advice Radio Show
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Hey Everyone,

I host a Sex/Relationship/Medical Advice Radio Show Mondays from 8-9pm EST.  "Intercoursing" provides a doctor or nurse from the Sydney Borum Health Center in Downtown Boston every week that answers questions or provides advice for a situation you might be dealing with.  I'm always there as well, representing the 20 something college student.  The whole show is basically Loveline with a college co-host.

"Intercoursing" can be heard by logging onto ETIN.emerson.edu or on RadioYou High Definition Radio in the Boston Area.  Call in live during the show at 617.824.8100 or Instant Message "etinstudio" on AOL Instant Messenger.  You can also shoot questions and comments to Intercoursing@Gmail.com or call Intercoursing Voicemail at 857.413.2674.  Any email or voicemail will be read on air unless instructed not to during the next show Mondays from 8-9pm EST.

Intercoursing is part of The Emerson Talk & Information Network, a project of the Number One College Radio Station in the Country, 88.9 WERS FM.

You can check out the Intercoursing Podcast by clicking here or by copying
into iTunes, etc.
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Mar. 13th, 2007 @ 10:07 pm Welcome
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Welcome to the community. Please feel free to join if you are dating, no longing dating or even if he let you go because he is truly a toxic_bachelors. This community is for all who feel let down by the man they loved the most.

Please TRY to keep all posts Friends ONLY!
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